Written by GLS

Re: Sale of Narrow Gauge Railway line.

GLS would like to say thank you to everyone who has been in contact regards the sale of the Narrow Gauge Railway lines. Special thanks to Steve @ for posting the ad on his site. Apologies to those of you I have not got back to directly. We have been overwhelmed with interest regards this sale.

To clarify:

  • 25 miles narrow Gauge track available.
  • Not possible to use rolling stock on it (this is not permitted by the MOD)
  • All line turn-offs, bolts, lines : All metal involved in this infrastructure is for sale at £120.00 per tonne
  • VAT is charged where applicable
  • Minimum quantity per customer: 5 tonnes.
  • Buyer to uplift and remove all material.
  • We will be available on site for weighing only as we have a weighbridge on site.
  • Wooden Sleepers for sale. Realistic offers will be accepted.
  • No sleepers to be left on the ballast if only rails are removed. To be tidily put aside so as to keep access clear and safe.
  • Will post week beginning 08/02/16 when convenient to view on site. Hopefully should get clearance by then.Watch this space.
  • We would prefer if all interested parties could contact each other direct and arrange between yourselves to share resources.
  • I will be emailing you all later today with further info.
  • We suggest one basic method statement and risk assessment (RAMS)  to cover  all interested parties (not individual) so if all agree it keeps simple
  • Any further enquiries contact either myself: David on 07836 753753 or Charles Jaholke: 07831 261236

🚉Many thanks again for all you interest and I look forward to working with you.🚂