Gilmerton Land Services can carry out and deliver the following consultancy services for any clients intending the development of previously used sites:

  • A Comprehensive Site Survey: using radio detection equipment to trace all underground services both in use and redundant.
  • A Comprehensive Historical Investigation: into previous site usages comparing these with any existing and current utility drawings of all services.
  • An Evaluation of Redundant Services: including all disused underground services that are no longer needed and require safe removal from the site.
  • An Evaluation of Redundant Plant: clearly identifying aboveground plant no longer required (e.g. switchgear, generators, tanks etc.).
  • An Evaluation of Potential Value: recovered material can be of value and we will estimate the value of recovered material for recycling according to the current metal market prices.

Once appointed to sanitise a site, Gilmerton Land Services will also provide:

  • A Project Appraisal: a detailing our appraisal of the project to hand.
  • A Method Statement: detailing objective, plant, equipment and labour to be used together with methodology of material removal and timescale.