Written by GLS

New Major Contract

Following successful delivery of a number of projects, GLS are delighted to announce that they have recently been awarded the contract from one of the UK’s major service providers for the removal of a substantial amount of disused underground and above ground infrastructure. This will form part of a series of contracts to be carried out over the next few years.

The site is of major historical significance and its future redevelopment is hoped to regenerate growth and employment in the surrounding areas as well as delivering value for taxpayers.

We’re delighted to have secured this extension to our contract. It is a real testament to the successful partnership.

We will keep you posted regards further developments.

We have just returned from a very windy trip to the Isle of Lewis where we were asked to advise the local community on the best use of their underground assets in order for them to create a safe and cleaner environment and progress their plans for the developing of a Visitors and whale watching centre.

Hope to start work there in 2016.

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